Welcome to www.Supras.com
The web site for information about the Toyota Supra and its owners. This web site is not owned or run by Toyota. It is the result of input from thousands of Toyota Supra owners around the world and the culmination of information they have shared.

2nd Generation Supra The World? Yes, not only does Toyota sell the Supra in many world countries, but this web site contains numerous member organizations that are globally based.

3rd Generation Supra In February of 1996, a group of Supra owners in the United States decided to create this web site for an existing internationally based Supra enthusiast group known as SOGI which stands for Supra Owner's Group, International. Until 1996, SOGI and Canada-based SONiC (Supra Owner's Network in Canada) members communicated, shared technical knowledge, pictures, and experiences using email. While email is still very popular for communication between members, this site offers so much more than the email lists ever could.

4th Generation SupraWith the introduction of the 4th generation Supra in 1993.5, a new breed of sports car with 320 bhp in a 3400 pound car gave american muscle car owners with their outdated Detroit iron a wake up call. Owners of this new Supra soon created a sister-site of SOGI called www.mkiv.com, denoting the 4th generation (Mark IV) model.

Today, SOGI has become the most widely known international Supra organization on the Internet. It has become synonymous with www.supras.com and has thousands of links pointing here from personal web pages, auto-enthusiast web sites, and commerical web businesses around the world.

This site is currently in transit from one provider to another. Features such as the techtips and mailing list will hopefully return shortly. In the meantime, Check out SOGI and SOGI 2.0 on Facebook.